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Renseikan Dojo offers Shorin-Ryu Karate classes for adults of all skill levels, six times per week. We hold both day and evening classes on Tuesday and Thursday as well as Saturday morning classes.

Our Karate Class Structure

Each adult Karate class usually begins with 5-15 minutes of zazen, or seated formal meditation. In Karate we say "First we prepare the mind" and at Renseikan Dojo we use zazen as prepare the mind.

Following the zazen, warm-up exercises are done to properly prepare the body for the class workout. A typical Karate class involves the repetition of Karate basics, drills with partners and solo Kata work, as well as bunkai (kata application).Students also train in self-defense techniques, sparring and weapons training.

Our adult students use the coloured belt system to denote rank and the requirements for each colour belt are outlined in the Renseikan student manual. As with all the classes at Renseikan Dojo, however, our emphasis is on students' self-development rather than rankings, and students are encouraged to advance at their own pace.

New/Beginner Students

Are you interested in learning Karate but feel a little nervous about beginning your training? Most of our students felt the same way when they first began training in the martial arts. We understand how intimidating starting a new activity can be, and have structured our classes so that beginners can work comfortably in a class with intermediate and advanced belts. New students usually train directly with a blackbelt during their first few classes. This individual attention ensures that beginners get off to a good start in their life-long pursuit of Karate training.

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