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Aikido Terminology

ANZA: Cross-leg sitting position. ATEMI: Hit or punch CHINKON: Meditation
FUMIKOMI: Cross step FUMIKOMI KOTAI: Cross step back to change stance. FUMIKOMI HYAKUHACHIJUDO KAITEN: Cross step 180 degree pivot.
FUMIKOMI TAIHENKO: Cross step in body change. GYAKUHAMI: Shite and uke in opposite "mirror image" stance. HAJIME: Begin
HANMI HANDACHI: One person sitting (shite) and one person standing (uke). HIDARI: Left HIJIATE KOKYU NAGE: Hitting elbow breath throw.
HIJISHIME: Elbow lock HIRIKI NO YOSEI: Elbow power HITOEMI: Side facing stance in which shoulders and feet are on one line.
HIYAKU UKEMI: Jumping breakfalls. HOJODOSA: Supplementary movement. HYUKUHACHI JUDO KAITEN: 180 degree pivot
IKKAJO: First control or throw IRIMINAGE: Step-in throw IRIMIZUKI: Step-in thrust
JUJINAGE: Arm cross throw KAITEN NAGE: Rotary throw KAKARI GEIKO: "Round robin" style training.
KAMAE: Basic stance. KIHONWAZA: Basic technique. KOHO KAITEN UKEMI: Backward roll
KOHO UKEMI: Back breakfall (#l without hitting, #2 with hitting) KOKYU HO: Breath method KOKYUNAGE: Breath throw
KOTAI: Change KOTEGAESHI: Reverse hand throw KYUJOGODO KAITEN: 95 degree pivot.
MIGI: Right NAGE: Throw NIKAJO: Second control or throw.
ONAJIKU: Repeat the same technique on the other side. OSAE: Pin or control OTAGAI NI RE[: Bow to each other (as a group)
OYO WAZA: Advanced technique. REI: Bow RENZOKU: Continuation
SANKAJO: Third control or throw. SEIRETSU: Line up. SEIZA: Kneeling position.
SENSEI NI REI: Bow to teacher SHIHONAGE: All direction throw. SHITE, UKE KOTAI: Shite and uke change
SHOMEN NI REI: Bow to the front. SHUMATSU DOSA: After class exercise. SODEMOCHI HIYAKU: Sleeve-grasp jump.
SOKUMEN IRIMINAGE: Side step in throw. SOTAI DOSA: Movement with partner SURIASHI: Sliding foot.
SUWARIWAZA: Kneeling techniques TAIHENKO: Body change TEGATANA ATE: Knife-hand chop.
TENCHINAGE: Heaven and earth throw. TENKAI: Pivot. TENKAN: Body change
TOBIKOSHI: Jump and go over. TSUGIASHI: A movement in which the front foot slides (suriashi) and the rear foot follows. UDEGARAMI NAGE: Arm lock throw.
USHIROWAZA: Behind technique. USHIRO NAGE: Back throw YAME: Stop
YONKAJO: Fourth control ZANSHIN: "Remaining attentive" - zanshin is practiced at the end of a technique, focus concentration, and the relationship between shite and uke are maintained. ZENPO UKEMI: Forward rolling breakfalls

Uke's Movement

AYAMOCHI: Cross-wrist grasp ERIMOCHI: Collar grasp GANMENZUKI: Face thrust
HIJIMOCHI: Elbow grasp KATAMOCHI: Shoulder grasp KATATEMOCHI: One-wrist grasp
MUNEMOCHI: Chest grasp RYOHIJIMOCHI: Both elbows grasp RYOKATAMOCHI: Both shoulder grasp
RYOTEMOCHI: Both wrists grasp SHOMENUCHI: Front strike SUIGETSUZUKI: Body thrust
YOKOMENUCHI: Side strike    
AIKIDO: Literally, "the Way of Harmony" with the forces of energy of Nature and the Universe. ARIGATO GOZIAMASHITA: Thank you very much! BOKKEN: Wooden replica of samurai sword.
BUDO: A code of manner and behavior for the samurai's life including the arts of combat with ethical and philosophical implications. BUKIWAZA: Weapons techniques. DOGI: Clothing or uniform worn when studying an art or Way. (Note: dogi should not be shortened to the slang form "gi". An important meaning is lost.)
JO: Staff MA-Al: Basic distance, with the implication of proper or appropriate distance such that a technique can be done well and with balance. OSU: A strong, positive budo salutation or greeting indicating mutual respect.
SENSEI: Teacher. SHITE: The person who executes an Aikido technique. TANTO: Wooden knife.
AIHANMI: Shite and uke in same stance (e.g. both in right stances) DOSA: Movement  


    Click on the word Numbers to hear counting.    
1: ichi - Ippon 2: ni - Nihon 3: san - Sanbon 4: shi - Yonhon 5: go - Gohon
6: roku - Roppon 7: shichi - Nanahon 8: hachi - Happon 9: kyu - Kyuhon 10: ju - Juppon

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