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Brief History of Jodo

Muso Gonnosuke was the founder of this efficient style of jojutsu called Shindo Muso Ryu. The jo was developed from the bo, a longer and much heavier fighting stick. The jo was streamlined by Muso for greater efficiency in close combat. In the early 1600's, Japan's most famous swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi, suffered his one time defeat at the hands of Muso Gonnosuke's jo techniques.

The jo is a cylindrical stick, often of white oak 128cm long and 2.5cm thick. Jo techniques include striking, thrusting, blocking,sweeping and holding and are usually practiced against a partner who uses a wooden sword (bokken/bokuto).

There is no "free fighting" or sparring in Jodo, since the risk of injury is too great.The training method is the traditional one of Kihon (basics performed with and without a partner) and Kata (preset movements, done with a partner).

Jodo is a very intense martial art, giving the practitioners the feeling of life and death battles against the sword. The traditional method of kata training allows for this intensity, while maintaining safety in the dojo. The students achieve both physical and mental workouts but more importantly, they are afforded the opportunity to develop their character and spirit

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