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CKF Jodo Requirements

Jodo rank within the Canadian Kendo Federation is based on performance of Zen Ken Ren Jodo. The CKF Jodo Grading Requirements as of May 2005 are as follows:


All applicants must be members in good standing of the CKF. The individual membership fee must be paid up to and including the current year. Note that CKF club affiliation fees must also be paid up.

Grading fees:

Individual Kyu and Dan Grading Fees are charged on a sliding scale. In addition, Menjo (certificate registration) Fees are charged to those who pass their grading. All fees must be fully paid by the date specified by the CKF. Late registrations may NOT be accepted. Do not send in applications individually.

We request each club fill out the attached application forms in BLOCK LETTERS or TYPED with club president or instructor's signature and collect the appropriate examination fees and certificate fees separately. Please submit them as a group.


The applicant shall have the following periods of practice: In order to pass the grading test, 3 out of 5 or 4 out of 7 examiners must approve.

Age Requirements for Grading

Dan/ Kyu Challenged Minimum Practice Time Since Last Grade Minimum Age
1 Kyu === ===
1 (Sho)dan Over 3 Months after granting of 1 Kyu 14 years and over
2 (Ni)dan Over 2 Years after granting of 1st Dan 16 years and over
3 (San)dan Over 2 Years after granting of 2 Dan 18 years and over
4 (Yon)dan Over 3 Years after granting of 3 Dan 21 years and over
5 (Go)dan Over 4 Years after granting of 4 Dan 25 years and over
6 (Roku)dan Over 5 Years after granting of 5 Dan 30 years and over
7 (Nana)dan Over 6 Years after granting of 6 Dan 36 years and over
8 (Hachi)dan Over 10 Years after granting of 7 Dan 48 years and over

Grades below 1 Kyu are the responsibility of individual clubs. These practice times are minimum times from the previous test. It is expected that students will be practising two or three times a week. Once a month practise will not give enough skill to pass in the minimum time requirements. All students are reminded that grade is given, not taken. Accumulating the required time does not automatically ensure that you will pass the grading examination.

Jodo Grading Kata Requirements

Ikkyu (1k) 3 kihon, seitei kata #1-3 jo and tachi side
Shodan (1d) Seitei kata #2,3,4,5,6 jo and tachi side
Nidan (2d) Seitei kata #3,4,5,6,7 jo and tachi side
Sandan (3d) Seitei kata #4,5,6,7,8 jo and tachi side
Yondan (4d) Seitei kata #7,8,9,10,11 jo and tachi side
Godan (5d) Seitei kata #8,9,10,11,12 jo and tachi side

Jodo Examination and Certificate Fees

Rank Applied for Examination Fee Certificate Fee Japanese Certificate Fee
Ikkyu $20 $25 N/A
Shodan $25 $40 N/A
Nidan $30 $70 + $70
Sandan $40 $110 + $70
Yondan $40 $275  
Godan $40 $375  
Rokudan $40 $500  
Nanadan $40 $650  

Payment of Fees

Fees are all paid on-line at the Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF) web site only after approval from your Sensei.

Fees and forms must be submitted by the date stipulated in order to take the examination.

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