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Our Philosophy

One of the purposes of the martial arts is to develop and discipline the human spirit. This discipline must be self-imposed in order for it to be meaningful; however external discipline is required in order to learn internal discipline. The name Renseikan literally means the house or place to develop or discipline the spirit - a reflection of our commitment to self-discipline.

Ren Sei Kan Kanji
Ren            Sei             Kan

Although Karate , Aikido and Jodo look physically different, they are at their heart and soul, one and the same discipline. This can be said of all traditional martial arts. The method of training and practice is the same - constant repetition of both solo and partner exercises. The actual movements are secondary to the spirit or approach of the student. The goal of the martial arts, like karate, aikido and jodo, is not the attainment of a particular belt or fighting skill but rather the process of learning itself. In martial arts we frequently speak of the practice of our arts as the Way - a term that symbolizes process. The Way is an end in itself and not a means to an end. The martial arts represent the means to the end - the process.

It is not physical prowess at the art that is important but rather mental attitude and state of mind while engaged in the art.

At the Renseikan Dojo, we emphasize the practice of martial arts as the process - a process which involves our attitude and state of mind.

First We Prepare our Minds
Mazu Sono Kokoro Wo Tadase - First We Prepare the Mind

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