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Kihon Tandoku

Jodo Kihon

1. Honte Uchi Regular Hand Strike
2. Gyaku Te Uchi Reverse Hand Strike
3. Hiki Otoshi Uchi Pull Drop Strike
4. Kae Shi Tsuki Return Thrust
5. Gyaku Te Tsuki Regular Hand Thrust
6. Maki Otoshi Roll and Drop
7. Kuri Tsuke Turn Over and Stick
8. Kuri Hanashi Turn Over and Send Forth
9. Tai Atari Body Hit
10. Tsuki Hazushi Uchi Pierce Outside Strike
11. Do Barai Uchi Clear Away, Sweep the Body Strike
12. Tai Hazushi Uchi Body Outside Strike

Explanations for the above Kihon Tandoku will follow soon.

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