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Jodo Vocabulary List

Bokken - wooden sword (also: bokuto, kidachi)
Bokuto - wooden sword (also: bokken, kidachi)
Chudan - middle level
Dai Nihon Kendo Remmei - All Japan Kendo Federation
Do - the way
Dojo - training hall, literally "place of the way"
Domo arigato gozaimashita - thank you (polite form)
Gedan - lower level
Gyakute - reverse hand
Hajime - begin
Hakama - split skirt-like pants
Honte - main hand
Ichikotae - change places
Jo - white oak stick of 128 cm.
Jodan - upper level
Jodo - the way of the stick
Jojutusu - the art, or techniques, of the stick
Jutsu - the art
Kamae - stance
Kata - forms consisting of a prearranged sequence of movements
Kata - shoulders
Keiko gi - practice outfit
Kendo gi - quilted top worn in Jodo, often indigo blue
Kidachi - wooden sword (also: bokken, bokuto)
Kihon - basics
Kodachi - short sword
Kohai - junior
Koshi - hip
Kyodai - equal
Maware migi - turn around (to the right)
Miyamoto Musashi
Mokuso - meditation
Moto e - return to original position
Muso Gonosuke - founder of Shindo Muso Ryu
Naore - return sword
Obi - belt
Omote - outside, surface
Onegai shimasu - please (polite form)
Oodachi - long sword
Rei - bow
Ryu - school
Seiretsu - line up
Seiza - formal sitting (on the knees)
Sempai - senior
Sensei - teacher
Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo
Shinto - the way of the Gods
Shinto Ryu - sword school associated with Jodo
Suigetsu - reflection of moon, another word for "solar plexus"
Suki - an opening or opportunity
Te - hand
Tsue - walking stick or "jo", in compound words it is often "zue"
Tsuki - thrust
Tsune no kamae - ordinary stance
Uchi - strike
Yame - stop
Yoi - ready
Zanshin - literally "remaining heart"


Click on the word Numbers to hear counting.
1: ichi - Ippon 2: ni - Nihon 3: san - Sanbon 4: shi - Yonhon 5: go - Gohon
6: roku - Roppon 7: shichi - Nanahon 8: hachi - Happon 9: kyu - Kyuhon 10: ju - Juppon

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