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Renseikan Dojo Photo Gallery

Family Christmas Party

Adult Christmas Party

Annual Demo,2001

Click on the above for more demonstration pictures.

Halloween Party

Click on the above picture for more Halloween Fun.

Summer Camp,2001

A weekend of karate, aikido, jodo, capoiera, judo and breaking your self-imposed limits

Karate-Do Promotions

Congratulations to all who passed their tests after a gruelling full day of karate training outdoor at Camp Samac

Karate Day Camp

On Saturday July 21st, we held an all day karate camp. Students of all ages attended and trained very hard on basics, kata, yakusoku kumite, bunkai and more. Click on the above picture for more.

Jodo Demonstration

Click on the above to see more pictures from the July 8th Jodo demonstration at the Pacific Mall in Markham.

Family Picnic

Click on the above picture to see more.

May Jodo Weekend

Chida Sensei Clinic

Friendship Night



April 27th Friendship Night

It usually is friendly, but sometimes ...

Karate Kyu Test Results

Sunday April 29, 2001

Kagami Biraki Test Results

Click on the picture above for more test pictures

Kimeda Sensei's 60th Birthday Party and Aikido Clinics

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