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Family Christmas Party

We are Moving!!!

Karate and Aikido Kyu Promotions

Congratulations to everyone who passed their Karate and Aikido Kyu tests on Tuesday October 10th and Wednesday October 11th, 2006.

Karate in the Park

Kyoshi Fred Christian Sensei Visit

Shihan Watanabe Ikuo Sensei Seminar

Congratulations Raymond and Saeed

Annual Spring BBQ

May 28th Jodo Seminar

Annual May Jodo Seminar in Guelph

Karate Kyu Test Results

Renseikan Black Belts Together

From left to right:
Rick Elwood, Saeed Mirafzal, Raymond Chong, Mark Hamlyn, Lynn Elwood, Ward Jardine, Rob Knox, Joe Vallejo, Joanna Kurylowicz, Carl Ignatius

Congratulations Rob Knox - Nidan
April 30th, 2006

Dojo Spring Cleaning
April 22nd, 2006

Kagami Biraki Shiki
Kyu Tests
January 22, 2006

Keiko Hajime January 4th, 2006

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