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Keiko Osame
December 28, 2007

Grand Opening and Open House
Saturday, October 20th, 2007

WMKA World Seminar - St Louis
October 2007

September Karate Test Results

Congratulations to everyone who passed their Karate Kyu Tests on Thursday September 13th. More pictures will be added soon.

Annual Fall Dojo Cleanup

Matthew off to McMaster September 2007

Adult Summer BBQ

Thanks to Mary and Paul Tuccitto for hosting this year's Summer BBQ. It was a great evening of delicious food and great conversation. They were calling for rain (Saturday July 28th) but is was a perfect day and evening.

Outdoor Classes
July 2007


The first of our summer outdoor classes were held Saturday July 21st in Adam's Park. The weather was perfect and the classes were well attended. We will have some more pictures up soon. The hill training was the highlight of the Karate, Aikido and Jodo classes. Please click on any of the above pictures to see more.

Howey Sensei Visit

Click on the Aikido photo for some more pictures

Chris Howey Sensei, Shuwakan Dojo (Indianapolis, Indiana) joined us Wednesday July 18th for the Jodo and Aikido classes. Howey Sensei took instrution from Jardine Sensei in Jodo and then in return he taught the Aikido class. Howey Sensei shared "his Aikido" with us and everyone, including some first timers, were delighted with the class. Some people could not get enough in 90 minutes and continued the class for another 30 minutes after we bowed out in an informal manner. (Raymond spent a lot of time with his face pressed into the mats!)

Kyoshi Christian Sensei Seminars

Kyoshi Fred Christian Sensei, 7th Dan Matsubayashi-Ryu, from Belleville, Illinois, led an excellent series of seminars at Anshin Karate Dojo in Mississauga and at Renseikan Dojo. The first session was at Anshin Dojo followed by a fantastic BBQ at Sensei Steve Trombley's home (Anshin Dojo's Chief Instructor and co-host of the Christian Sensei seminars). Christian Sensei was accompanied by his student of 35 years, Sensei Bob Seibert, 6th Dan.

The four sessions at Renseikan Dojo were all very well attended and the workouts were both invigorating as well as extremely informative. After the evening session we relaxed with pizza and salad and great conversation. For those who missed this exciting seminar, you will not want to miss the next one. Christian Sensei's emphasis is keeping and preserving Nagamine Shoshin Sensei's Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do true to the founder's wishes.

Filming Day - Saturday June 9, 2007

The Toronto International Film Festival's Corporate Sponsorship Program's "Thank you" to us was filming a short video and letting Hayley help out

Sensei Frank Baehr 40th Anniversary

Sensei Frank Baehr celebrates the 40th Anniversary of opening the first Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate dojo in Canada. Click here for some pictures.

Shioda Sensei Clinic

Tuesday June 5th Shioda Yasuhisa Sensei of the Hombu Dojo (Tokyo, Japan) gave a clinic in Scarborough to a packed dojo. The training was very fast paced and all the students from Renseikan Dojo had a great time.

Karasawa Sensei Tribute and Seimeikan Reunion

After the Shioda Sensei Clinic we had the opportunity to pay tribute to Karasawa Sensei who had retired a few years ago. This was a tribute to his many years of Aikido and his tremendous contribution and effect to Yoshinkan Aikido in Canada. So many dojo in Canada owe their start to Karasawa Sensei and many of them were represented there Tuesday night. We also had the very good fortune to have many of the original Seimeikan students reunite for this evening. Since Seimeikan Dojo is also retired it has been a long time since many of us had seen each other. It was a very good evening. Thanks to Alan for arranging the event.


New Look at the Dojo

Thank you to all the students who helped pay for the new floor at the dojo. You will get to see and walk on it every day. A very big thank you to Oskar for figuring out how to put the floor down correctly and thank you to everyone who gave up their Sunday to do this. Also thank you to everyone who came out Friday night to tear down the front entrance wall. The dojo looks much bigger and brighter. We will have to plan a new wall and shoe shelves for the winter.

Jodo Testing Results

Congratulations to Joseph Vallejo for passing his Nidan test and Brad Clark for passing his Shodan test in Guelph on the May long weekend. We will have pictures up soon. It was a great weekend for everyone who attended and the 6 top Japanese Jodo Sensei were exceptional teachers.

Yudansha Test Results

Congratulations to Rick Elwood and Lynn Elwood on their yudansha tests Sunday April 29. Rick passed his nidan (second degree black belt)in Aikido with the help of Raymond Chong and Saeed Mirafzal. Lynn passed her sandan (third degree black belt) in Karate-Do with the help of Joseph Vallejo, Rob Knox and Mark Hamlyn. Both Rick and Lynn did an excellent job and we are very proud of them. We should have more pictures soon.

Some of the Renseikan Dojo Yudansha who came to show their support for Rick and Lynn

March 2007 Kyu Test Results

More Pictures Here

Congratulations Carl

Congratulations to Aikido Sempai Carl Ignatius on the birth of his son. Pictured above is Bentley Carl Ignatius. He was born Sunday February 4th at 1:54pm and came in at 8 lbs 8oz at 21" in length. We know Carl will be bringing Bentley into the dojo soon to meet all of his future sempai.

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