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In Memoriam

Kyoshi David Williams Sensei, 7th Dan of Williams Martial Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio passed away Monday December 8th from a heart attack. Many of you met him in New York in October at the World Seminar. I had the wonderful opportunity of being partnered with him all weekend. He was a master of karate techniques and an even bigger Gentleman. He will be sadly missed by everyone in Matsubayashi-Ryu and the Karate world.

Aikido Kyu Tests
November 28th, 2008

Congratulations Kelly Helliwell and Chris Naraine on passing their Shodan examination in Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do on November 23rd, 2008 (More pictures available by clicking on the one above)

It was also nice to have so many of the Black Belts here to support Kelly and Chris for this event.

Old Dojo on Clements

Center at May Seminar in Guelph

On Saturday November 22nd, 2008 Robert Tompkins passed away. He was in a battle with cancer and fought until the end. Robert,an accomplished martial artist, trained in Jodo where he had attained the rank of Shodan but would have been Nidan if he hadn't had to take the last year off to focus all his efforts in this battle. Those who new him were very aware of his warrior spirit and tenacity when doing Jodo and were equally aware of the soft, humerous and gentle man when not involved in Jodo. It was an honor to know him and to train with him. His Jodo was top notch. He will be sadly missed at Renseikan Dojo and I am sure he has not stopped training, he is just in a "different dojo" now.

Kobudo Seminar with Sensei Yoshiko Dometrich

November 2008

Karate Kyu Belt Promotions

Congratulations to all the students who passed their next kyu test on Sunday November 2nd. Everyone did very well. There are lots of pictures by clicking on the one above.

Our new weapons rack

Thank you Tony (pictured here with the new rack) for the new weapon rack.

WMKA World Seminar - New York

The Long Island World WMKA Seminar was a huge success. It was very well attended by our dojo and Soke Nagamine and Shinjo Sensei were very happy with everyone's karate.

EMKA Seminar in Norway

While the above picture is not about Karate-do specifically, it is breath taking and awe inspiring. One of our students,Tony Gibson, travelled to Norway for the EMKA (European Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do Association) World Seminar with Soke Nagamine and took these pictures including this one of the Sognafjord, the longest fjord in Norway. Click on the Sognafjord for more pictures.

National Jodo Examination Results

Congratulations to everyone who passed their Jodo exam at the recent National Canadian Kendo (Jodo & Iaido) Federation Seminar. Renseikan Dojo was well represented at the seminar and examinations.

Annual Dojo Spring Cleaning

From the Top

To the Bottom

Shioda Yasuhisa Kancho Seminar

Shihan Watanabe Sensei and Jardine Sensei

Karate Kyu Test Results
February 24, 2008

Kagami Biraki Shiki 2008

Keiko Hajime

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