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Annual Fall Dojo Cleaning

New Karate Shodan

Congratulations to Tony Gibson who was awarded his Shodan by Soke Nagamine himself during Tony's recent three week stay in Okinawa. Tony had the wonderful and rare opportunity to train everyday with all the top sensei in Matsubayashi Ryu at the hombu dojo in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan.

New Aikido Shodan - Brandon Walker

Congratulations to Brandon Walker who successfully passed his Shodan (black belt) test on Wednesday September 2nd. Pictures will follow.

Kiyoyuki Terada Hanshi passing

Kiyoyuki Terada Hanshi passed away on July 13th. He was 87 years old and was still active in Yoshinkan Aikido. He will be sadly missed by everyone.

Future Aikido Student

Congratulations to Sempai Raymond and Malavanh Chong on the birth of their daughter Leilani Chong. She was born June 5th and came in at 6lb 4oz. Reese looks very happy to have a new sister. I apologize for being so late with the news. I found out late and then was on holidays so I finally have a chance to get the news up on the web site. Congratulations again!

Karasawa Sensei's Visit

May Jodo Seminar and Tests

Girl Guide Seminar
March 2nd, 2009

New Tanto Rack

Thank you Steve Kubien for making the Tanto rack and Don O'Connell for putting it up.

Group Picture from Oct 2008
WMKA World Seminar

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Kagami Biraki Shiki & Pot Luck

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