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Renseikan Dojo Photo Gallery


Scary Karate Class

It was a very scary (but cute) karate class on Tuesday October 29th, 2013. Students wore their halloween costumes to class and trained with lots of "spirit" that night. Here are some pictures from the beginner class, with Sempai Chris and Sempai Mary(in costume) leading the class.


Karate Kyu Test Results

Riley 5th Kyu 1
riley 5th Kyu 2

Congratulations To Riley Mc. for passing his 5th kyu (yellow belt) test Tuesday night. Riley performed his test towards the end of class in front of his fellow students and the grading panel. Riley did an excellent test.


Amos Lee Parker Sensei

Sensei Amos Lee Parker

It is with a sad heart that we report that Sensei Amos Lee Parker 9th dan Shihan has passed away in his home in Houston, Texas. Sensei Parker was an amazing aikido practioner. He was a student of Kiyoyuki Terada Sensei and spent many years living in Japan studying with Terada Sensei. Parker Sensei was in my mind the quintessential gentleman of Aikido. He was so friendly and honest both on and off the mats. He will be missed.


Yudansha Test Results

April 9, 2013 Yudansha Results

Congratulations to our new karate shodan Thinh Tran and to our new karate nidans Mary Tuccitto and Satpal Jhauj. The three were originally going to take their tests on Saturday April 13th but when Sensei's schedule was changed to prevent this it was decided on Tuesday, April 9th to do the test that evening. Thinh only learned of the new date and time as he arrived for the regular Tuesday evening karate class. Karate teaches us to be prepared for the unexpected through the constant practice of kata and kumite. Thinh certainly showed this ability as he performed his shodan test with no advance warning.

All three karate-ka did extremely well during their tests. We haven some pictures up now and some video clips will be up soon on the web site and the Blog as soon as they become available.

Congratulations again to Thinh, Mary and Satpal!


Karate Kyu Test Results

April 18, 2013 Karate Kyu Results

Congratulations to Liam A., Nya-Grace Y., and Matthew J. for passing their 5th kyu karate test on Thursday April 18th. The students performed their basics and kata very well to achieve their yellow belt. Great Work!


Aikido Kyu Test Results

April 18, 2013 Aikido Kyu Results

Congratulations to Hunter Schofield and Chuka Iweze for passing their next aikido kyu test on Thursday April 18. Hunter was awarded his 6th kyu after successfully passing his 7th kyu test. Chuka did a fantastic job in passing his 4th kyu test. Fantastic job done by both students. Thank you to Michelle Stronach for being Hunter's uke and to Sensei Raymond Chong for being Chuka's uke.


New Home of O'Senseis
New Picture Stand

A special Thank You to Thinh Tran for getting us this beautiful stand to hold our pictures of Sensei Nagamine (during Karate classes) and Sensei Shioda (during Aikido class).


Family Day at the Dojo

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Family Day at the dojo. We had active parents and siblings in our Beginners class and more of the same in our Adult and Youth class. It was a lot of fun. We need to do this more often.

Family Day 2
Family Day 3
Family Day 4
Family Day 5
Family Day 6


An Evening to Honour Sensei Frank Baehr

Group Picture of Demonstrators Sensei Baehr and cake

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