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Renseikan Dojo Photo Gallery


Pictures on Facebook

We have lots more pictures for 2015 but we have been posting them on Facebook. Please visit our Facebook page to see them.


4th Karate Friendship Workout

Bowmanville Friendship Workout


Aikido Kyu Test Results

6th Kyu Aikido

Congratulations to Dalton McGlashen and Michael Formuziewich for passing their 6th kyu Aikido kyu test Tuesday night.


100 Kobudo Kata World Wide Challenge

100 Kobudo Kata Group


Karate Kyu Test Results

Group Picture

Congratulations to everyone who passed their stripe and/or kyu belt test during the March 10th, 2015 karate kyu tests!

Arman and Kavi 1
Arman and Kavi 2
Special congratulations to both Arman and Kavi who passed their yellow belt test.

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