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Adult Aikido Class
Aikido Class Aikido Class

Renseikan Dojo teaches Yoshinkan Aikido and classes for adults three times a week. Students wear a white dogi (uniform) similar to the ones used in judo. Aikido dogi are thicker then the dogi used in Karate because Aikido involves grabs and breakfalls on the tatami (padded floor).

In a typical Aikido class (schedule), students do a short but thorough warm up followed by ukemi practice (breakfalls). After this complete warm up, students practice kihon dosa, or basic solo exercises, to develop strong, coordinated movements. These solo movements are then put into practice with partners. Students work together in either pairs or in small groups, and take turns practicing basic and advanced aikido techniques.

Weapon training is also included in Aikido. Students learn the correct use of the bokken (long wooden sword), jo (wooden staff) and tanto (short wooden knife).

Aikido rankings are based on a coloured belt ranking system. The requirements for each kyu (rank) level are outlined in the Renseikan Student Manual. Useful Aikido Terminology is also on our web site. As with all classes at Renseikan Dojo, our emphasis is on individual student development rather than the achievement of the next rank.

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