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Jodo Classes for Adults and Children

Renseikan Dojo offers classes in Jodo (the way of the stick/staff) for both adults and children. Jodo is a weapons martial art in which students use a four foot wooden staff called a Jo.

The Jo is a martial arts weapon with a long and fascinating history. It was originally devised back in 16th century Japan, during the Samurai era, to defend against the sword. While Jodo movements were developed to defeat a steel blade, to prevent injuries, Jodo training uses the traditional martial arts wooden sword, the bokken.

The emphasis in Jodo is on Kihon (basics) and two person Kata (pre-arranged movements) in which students use their Jo against the sword. Jodo provides a moderate physical workout and an intense mental workout. No previous martial arts training is required for Jodo training, which is suitable for men and women of all ages.

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